Crewbed L.L.C. is based out of Goodyear Arizona and comes from the idea of being able to have more storage space and still being able to open and close all tops with a Jeep and use more as a daily vehicle. The inventor has owned many Jeeps in the past, but had to sell the last Wrangler when the family started to grow, and working in the construction industry.

A Jeep was just not practical as a daily driver. Home remodeling, general maintenance, mountain biking and ultimately motocross riding all justified having a truck as a much better option. But as Jeep owners know, it’s hard to stay away once you’ve owned a Jeep.

Once the bug started to bite again to get another Jeep, I had to be able to justify the purchase to fit my new lifestyle. So I turned my Jeep into a truck!!!


The crewbed opens up a whole new world for Jeep owners. No more calling a friend when you need something loaded, no more trying to load your gear all the way on top of your roof, no more unstable hitch mounted baskets, and no more blocking your sun views with a bulky roof rack.

The CREWBED mounts in the back of your Jeep behind the back seats. It folds securely away and nearly out of site until needed. Unlike roof racks, you still have the ability to raise and lower any top to be able to enjoy the weather, CREWBED simply folds out, mounts to the support poles and locks securely at the tailgate.
No other Jeep on the planet can do this.

Take your Jeep on a quick weekend getaway with all your gear without trying to load it on the roof or strapping it in hanging off the back.

The CREWBED can handle most standard size appliances, all the camping gear you need, mountain bikes, and even full sized motorcycles.

The CREWBED gives you the best of both worlds. The fun and enjoyment of an open air Jeep, and the convenience and flexibility of a pick up truck.

Now you can see the outdoors, and bring your whole crew with you.

The CREWBED changes the world for Jeep® owners.

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